How to Improve Your Communication Skills in the Workplace

Are you interested in learning how to communicate more effectively at work? If so, then watch this short video (or read the transcript below) in order to learn a system that you can use to be a more effective communicator.

Transcript: In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to improve your communication skills at the workplace.

Let’s do this.

We all have communication styles. Some of us are very direct, others are very expressive, some of us are highly assertive, and others are less assertive.

The problem is we communicate in our preferred style. In other words, if our preferred style is to be very direct, then we communicate in that style – even if the person we’re talking to doesn’t like to be communicated with in that style.

Dr. Eileen Russo developed a matrix which highlights the different styles, starting with low expressiveness on the left and leading to high expressiveness on the right.

Then, she has low assertiveness at the bottom and high assertiveness at the top.

Each of these combine into certain styles – direct, spirited, systematic, and considerate.

So, if you’re highly assertive and are not very expressive, you’re in the direct quadrant.

If you have low assertiveness, but are very expressive, you’re in the considerate category.

It’s important to understand which style is your style. But, as one of my clients named Tricia Kinnard pointed out, its more important to understand your co-worker’s style.

By understanding if they’re direct, spirited, systematic, or considerate, you can adapt your communication style to match the way the like to receive information.

Remember, there’s low expressiveness and high expressiveness; and low assertiveness and high assertiveness. These combinations lead to certain communication styles which are direct, spirited, systematic, and considerate.

If you want to improve your communication skills at work, understand your co-worker’s personality and communicate to them in that style.

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About the Author: Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and management consultant who was recognized as a top 10 speaker by CarreerAddict (along with Ariana Huffington, Daymond John, and Gary Vaynerchuk). His client list includes The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Microsoft, Verizon, SAP, T-Mobile, and Holiday Inn. You may have seen Jamie in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Insider or the Wall Street Journal. He’s also a regular guest on CNN and HLN where he contributes segments on marketing, persuasion, and leadership. He teaches at Emory University and the University of Texas and has been profiled in one of the world’s best-selling textbooks. 


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