Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, professor, speaker, and TV news contributor.

He speaks about leadership, persuasion, marketing, team building, and communication skills.

Does your audience want to learn new and innovative ways to lead others within their organization? If so, Jamie covers this topic inĀ The Unspoken Rules of Leadership: The Science Behind the Words and Actions that Influence Others.

Or is your audience interested in improving their communication skills. If so, then Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: The Science Behind Effective Communications and Team Building.

Or perhaps your audience wants to learn insider secrets on how to grow sales and revenues. If so, Jamie covers that topic in his speech called Thinking Backwards: What the World’s Smartest Companies do to Outthink Their Competitors. Ā 

No matter what subject you need addressed, if it has to do with business, leadership, or marketing, Jamie can craft a speech that matches what you’re looking for. Have a question for Jamie? Just click here to open up a dialogue right now.

Here are just a few of the additional services Jamie provides during his engagements:

  • Availability before, during and after event
  • Promotion of event to 60,000 social media followers
  • In-person book signings
  • Small group workshops and training
  • Follow-up webinars
  • Extended engagementsĀ upon request

Jamie has worked with organizations as large as Mercedes-Benz, Verizon, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola. He’s also worked with smaller organizations with only a few dozen employees. Reach out today to find out how he can help your organization.

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