5 Essential Leadership Skills for Managers

Are you interested in becoming a better manager, mentor, or team leader? If so, then check out the information below where leadership expert Jamie Turner shares 5 essential leadership skills or managers.

Transcript: In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about 5 essential leadership skills for managers.

Let’s do this.

If you’re like a lot of executives, you’re always trying to improve your leadership skills.

Good leadership skills result in happier team members, a more profitable business, and lower stress for you.

So let’s go through 5 essential skills you’ll need to be a better manager.

Skill #1: Great leaders realize that it’s better to act rather than react.

Here’s how to think about this.

When you play the game of chess, the person who thinks more moves ahead is the one who wins the game. Happens every time.

It’s the same in business – when you think ahead and act, it puts you in a better spot than if you’re reacting to the environment around you.

So remember — it’s better to act than it is to react.

Skill #2: Great leaders understand that more communication solves 80% of all problems.

It sounds too good to be true, but studies show that 80% of business problems can be solved with more frequent face-to-face communication.

Ideally, this communication happens during in-person, face-to-face meetings, but it can also be done via Zoom. The key is to increase the opportunities people have to exchange information.

(Arrows) Remember, by increasing communication, you decrease the problems in your company.


Skill #3: Great leaders understand that self-confidence is a product of action.

In other words, you don’t gain confidence by telling yourself you’re special. You gain confidence by overcoming challenges.

Remember that – self-confidence doesn’t come from pep talks, it comes from overcoming challenges and then reflecting on your successes as you move ahead.

Skill #4: Great leaders understand that your choices are more important than your circumstances.

If you struggle in your career or your life, it’s always easy to blame your circumstances. But great leaders understand that it’s the choices they make that lead to success, not the circumstances they find themselves in.

Skill #5: Great leaders understand that humility is a secret weapon.

Have you ever noticed that the most powerful person in the room is often the one who does the least amount of bragging?

Why is that? It’s because they let their results speak for themselves.

Humility is an often-over-looked secret weapon.

Give it some thought.

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