Is Your Business at Risk of Becoming Extinct?

Did you know that the America Leather Company was the third largest business in the United States in 1910? It’s true. Which begs the question — What was the American Leather Company and why were they so huge?

The American Leather Company made buggy whips and horse saddles. That was all fine and dandy until 1908 when Henry Ford introduced the Model T. That was the beginning of the end for the American Leather Company. Within a decade, the demand for buggy whips and horse saddles had almost completely dried up.

That brings us to the video below, shot while I was in Venice on my way to speak at the SEMPL Conference. In the short, 60-second video, I explore what happens to companies that don’t evolve. (Hint: The have something in common with the American Leather Company.)

Check it out. There might be a lesson for you in the video.

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