From Clicks to Conversions: Crafting Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Traditional TV viewership is down 37% over the past decade. Worse yet, 25% of all smartphones have ad blockers installed. And yet, brands like AirBnB, Coca-Cola, and Apple have all managed to thrive despite these challenges.

What’s their secret?

They ignored conventional approaches and used innovative digital marketing strategies to grow their sales and revenues.

Bottom Line: Consumers around the world are changing. And successful brands have learned how to change with them with innovative digital marketing strategies that grow revenues.

In this fun, engaging, action-oriented speech, internationally recognized author, professor, and CNN contributor Jamie Turner will take everything you know about marketing and turn it on its head.

This is a top-to-bottom look at consumer behavior, insight development, and digital strategy. You won’t learn about simple tactics in this session. Instead, you’ll learn how to re-wire your brain so that you can be more innovative, fresh, and inventive when you develop your next digital marketing strategy. 

Here’s just some of what your audience will learn:

  • New Concepts in Digital Marketing: The world is changing faster than it ever has before. Learn how to stay up with the changes and leverage them for your benefit.
  • Trends in Consumer Behavior: Consumers behave in funny ways. Learn how to use those behaviors to improve your marketing results.
  • Customer Experience (CX): 95% of senior executives say that improved CX is a key differentiator for any brand that wants to succeed. Learn how to think strategically about CX in order to grow revenues.
  • Neuroscience: Understanding neuroscience is a marketer’s secret weapon. Learn how to use new techniques to improve the results of your campaigns.
  • Insight Development: Learn how to develop insights designed that will help you create digital marketing strategies that make a difference for your brand.
  • The Future of Digital Marketing: Learn how to use emerging technologies (e.g., AI, VR, AR), voice search and smart devices to deepen your relationships with customers and prospects.

About Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, professor, speaker, and consultant who has helped employees from some of the world’s largest organizations do a better job leading themselves and leading others.

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