Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, professor, and TV news contributor who speaks about leadership, productivity, and communication skills.

You've seen Jamie Turner on TV and have read about him in Forbes, Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications.Ā You might also haveĀ visited Jamie's blog, followed him on TikTok, or watched his popular YouTube series. Now you can find out what he does to inspire audiences at events, trade shows and corporations around the globe.

You can reach Jamie by emailing him at Jamie@JamieTurner.Live or calling his office at 678-313-3472.

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You've seen Jamie here.

Jamie is a regular guest on a variety of network TV news programs where he speaks about business, leadership, and marketing. He has also been profiled or written about in a variety of leading publications.

Jamie is an expert in leadership, productivity, and communication.

Jamie's books are available at fine bookstores (and a few not-so-fine bookstores) around the globe. His books are available in English and have been translated into Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish.

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Keynote speaking and workshop clients.

Are you looking for a fun, information-packed keynote speech or workshop? No problem. Jamie speaks at events, conferences and corporations around the globe. You can reach him at Jamie@JamieTurner.Live or by calling his office at 678-313-3472.

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Read the cover story in Successful Meetings.

Jamie was recently featured as a cover story in Successful Meetings magazine. He is also a regular guest on network TV news on the topics of business, leadership, and marketing.

Would you like to read more content from author, professor, and speaker Jamie Turner? If so, read these posts on the Unspoken Rules of Leadership blog: An In-Depth Guide on How to Improve Your Communication Skills; How to Develop a Growth Mindset; How to Delegate; How to Lead: Using Your Mindset to Become a Better Leader; and Ten Action Steps for Aspiring Leaders.

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Working with Jamie Turner.

What do you get when you book Jamie for your event? A customized presentation built around your audience's needs; availability before, during and after the event; and an approachable, reliable professionalĀ who wants to make your life as easy as possible. ReadyĀ to startĀ a dialogue? Email JamieĀ and get started now.

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Jamie's speaking and workshop topics.

Jamie speaks around the globe about leadership, productivity and communication skills. He customizes his speeches to match what your audience is looking for.

Does your audience want to learn new and innovative ways to lead others within their organization? If so, Jamie covers this topic inĀ The Unspoken Rules of Leadership: The Science Behind the Words and Actions that Influence Others.

Or is your audience interested in improving their communication skills. If so, then Intentional Conversations: The Science Behind Effective Communications and Team Building.

Or perhaps your audience wants to learn insider secrets on how to grow sales and revenues. If so, Jamie covers that topic in his speech called Thinking Backwards: What the World's Smartest Companies do to Outthink Their Competitors. Ā 

No matter what subject you need addressed, if it has to do with business, leadership, or marketing, Jamie can craft a speech that matches what you're looking for. Have a question for Jamie? Just click here to open up a dialogue right now.

Here are just a few of the additional services Jamie provides during his engagements:

  • Availability before, during and after event
  • Promotion of event to 60,000 social media followers
  • In-person book signings
  • Small group workshops and training
  • Follow-up webinars
  • Extended engagementsĀ upon request

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