Do You Have These 5 Leadership Traits?

Leadership traits and leadership skills are important characteristics for any executive, team leader, or mentor. If you want to be a good leader, then you should have several (if not all) of these leadership traits and skills. Which one do you have? Watch the video to find out.


If you’re a manager, team leader, or business owner, you probably spend time reflecting on the leadership traits and behaviors you need to be effective at your job.

I study leadership for living and have a list of 5 essential qualities great leaders have.

First, they have higher standards than those around them. The work they do is more elegant, more complete, and more thoughtful than their peers.

Second, they enter into relationships with a win/win mindset. In other words, they don’t see the world as winners and losers. They see the world as winners and winners.

Third, they have self-awareness. They are sensitive to how they come across in meetings, how they’re perceived in public, and how others engage with them.

Fourth, they are innately curious. About the world around them, about the business they’re in, and about the people they work with.

And fifth, they’re humble. I know, I know – you’ve seen plenty of leaders who are arrogant, brag about their accomplishments, and are self-promoters.

But my studies have shown that that old-school leadership style is going away and is being replaced by leaders who are more empathetic, less arrogant, and enjoy seeing others succeed.

That’s a short list of leadership qualities. What are the leadership qualities you would add to the list?

Leave a comment below with your favorite leadership quality so that our community can learn from your experience.  

My name is Jamie Turner. I’m an author, a speaker, and a CEO. And I’ll catch you next time.

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